(*) in 2268.

(*) (also known as the Beta XII-A entity) was a malevolent entity from another dimension. Approximately one million years ago, 0, with Q's assistance, used the Guardian of Forever to bring (*), The One, and Gorgan into the Universe. The group committed many atrocities, including the destruction of the Tkon Empire. (TNG novel: Q-Strike)

After the Q Continuum banished 0, (*) hid itself, but continued to cause conflict and strife throughout the galaxy. In 2268, it attempted to start an eternal war between the crews of the USS Enterprise and the IKS Klolode, but was defeated by James T. Kirk and Commander Kang. (TOS episode: "Day of the Dove"; TOS comic: "Blood Reign O'er Me")

Jadzia Dax had studied the Beta XII-A entity's infiltration of the Enterprise when she was attending Starfleet Academy. She and Worf would later reenact the encounter in Deep Space 9's holosuites, although the holoprogram was based on the Klingon version, where the entity killed those who changed their emotional states. In this version, it was Dax's friend Kang who convinced the entity to depart. (DS9 novel: The Fall of Terok Nor)

In 2374, (*) started a conflict between the crew of the freighter Solanco in an attempt to prolong the Dominion War, but became trapped forever in the Hunyadi Rift. As it was sucked into the Rift, (*) realized bitterly that it had saved those it hated in the Federation and Klingon Empire. (ST short story: "Night of the Vulture")

While this entity was first seen in "Day of the Dove," the designation "(*)"- intended to represent the entity's apparently unpronounceable true name- originated in the novel Q-Strike.

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