The Trial of James T. Kirk, part 2 of 3 - Testimony - Yeah, dat's da mug!

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Characters[edit | edit source]

Regulars[edit | edit source]

James T. KirkSpockLeonard McCoyHikaru SuluNyota UhuraMontgomery Scott

Others[edit | edit source]

Kathy LiFoutonHiram RothKamaragSamuel T. CogleyAreel ShawVlagroSarekR.J. BlaiseKarl TomlinsonAnan 7Bela OkmyxLeonard James AkaarWittenKahless IV

Starships & Vehicles[edit | edit source]

USS Enterprise-A

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Timeline[edit | edit source]

previous comic:
#10: The First Thing We Do...
The Trial of James T. Kirk
Star Trek: The Original Series
(DC Comics, Series Two)
next comic:
#12: Trial and Error!
The Trial of James T. Kirk
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