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What's Past, Book 5 (of 6)


From the book description
2374: The planet Bynaus has always been a haven of order in a chaotic universe. Its inhabitants, the Bynars, live in harmony with computers, functioning in binary pairs to keep their society alive.
Two Starfleet officers arrive in an attempt to recruit Bynars for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers—but when one of the potential recruits is found dead, it's up to Citizen Services investigators 110 and 111 to determine the cause of death. But their investigation will lead them to a startling revelation that will rock Bynaus to its very core!


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001101010110110111100110101100Alban ToparTemperance BrewsterOrfil QuinterosHenry Winter
Referenced only
1010010110Napoléon BonaparteDataGodGeordi La ForgeLeland LynchMariettaMet'giSaint PeterTuparak

Starships and vehicles

USS BrasillaUSS Watson
Referenced only
Borg cubeUSS DiNoviaUSS Enterprise-D


Alpha QuadrantBeta MagellanBuilding 891/45Building C81, Quadrant 4Bynausthe galaxyGrid 834/29Medical CenterQuadrant 925, Building 381universe
Referenced only
Bajor sectorBetazedCardassiaCentauriEarthHeavenMarsStarbase 74Starbase 511Starbase 620Starfleet HeadquartersTrexus V

Races and cultures

Referenced only
androidBorgIllustrious ForebearsPelapusianunnamed races and culturesVulcan

States and organizations

Building and Architecture CommitteeCitizen ServicesCitizen Services Emergency DivisionCitizen Services Judiciary CommitteeCitizen Services Regulatory CommitteeCitizen Services Work Task ForceDaystrom InstituteDominionFederationJudge Advocate GeneralSecurity ServicesStarfleetStarfleet AcademyStarfleet Corps of EngineersStarfleet Personnel Organization

Ranks and titles

cadetcaptainchief engineercommandercommanding officerconn officercounselordiagnosticiandoctorengineerensigninvestigatorlawyerliaisonlieutenantlieutenant junior grademagistrateofficeroperations officerpolicescientistsecurity officersenior officerslavesociologistsoldier

Other references

19th centuryadrenalineanimalArchives of the Ancientsarteriesartificial intelligenceatmosphereBasics of Starfleet Lawbinary languagebirthing chamberbloodBorromean ringbrainBynaus Policy Statement on Federation Membershipcentimetercitycivilizationclonecoffeecolonycombadgecomputerconverter coilcoolantcottoncourt martialdancedatabasedata bufferdaydecadediaryDigging to the Core of EarthDominion WarearringempathyengineeringevolutionextinctionFederation Standardfireflowerfuneralgenetic engineeringgovernmentgravityThe Great Deathhearthieroglyphhistoryhomeworldhospitalhourhumanoidkal-tohkilometerkisslanguagelogiclunglupa-lupa piemapmaster computermathematicsmemory nodulemetalmetermillisecondminutemonthmoonMoorish mosaicneo-Impressionist movementnews netnovelOn Bynaus:A Starfleet Orientation Guideoxygenpaddpastapersonal logphaserpieplanetplanetary positioning guideplantplasma modulatorpolymerpyramidquadrantquartersradiationrainration barrobotsawdustsciencesecondsectorsensorshacklessongspacestarstarbasestarshipstratospherestylussugarsuicidesynthetic hearttechnologytimetoytransparent aluminumtransportertransporter padtransporter roomtreetricorderturboliftuniformviewscreenwarp corewaterweaponweloo tree sapwormyearzoo






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