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The 13th century was a century of Earth's calendar, ranging from the years 1200 (or 1201) to 1299 (or 1300) and comprised of decades from the 1200s to the 1290s. The reference stardate system has this century run from stardates -7/00 to -7/99[1].



  • 1200s • 1210s • 1220s • 1230s • 1240s • 1250s • 1260s • 1270s • 1280s • 1290s


  • The Preservers transport a small cluster of villages from a plague zone in Germany to another planet.[2]
  • Sometime during this century, a planet becomes inhabited by a race known as the Crepusculans.[3]
  • All life on the planet Zetar is extinguished in a war. Only about a hundred individuals survive as energy patterns representing their thoughts.[4]
  • The Elysian Ruling Council is formed in the Delta Triangle region.[5]
  • The father of Wu is living on the planet Omega IV.[6]
  • The family of Lwaxana Troi acquires a brooch which will be passed down for thirty-six generations.[7]
  • The Grokhoor live a withdrawn fantasy life on Grokh, forgetting how to repair their own technology.[8]
The Fourth Crusade on Earth results in the Sack of Constantinople.[9][10][11]
Gary Seven convinces Genghis Khan to conquer the lands to the west.[12]
The Magna Carta is signed into law by King John of England.[13]
Crusades Five through Nine on Earth (1217-21, 1228-29, 1248-54, 1270, 1271-72). The Seventh was against an army made migrant by Genghis Khan's Mongol horde.[9][10][11]
The last time that any off-worlders witness the Rigellian Festival of Light and live.[14]
c. 1270
Njura colonizes four neighboring planets in its star system.[15]
Fall of the Sung Dynasty to the grandson of Genghis. All of China is henceforth administered from Xanadu, on the far edge of Mongolia. The Sung had reigned for over three hundred years; their artisans produced the statue of a horse that Captain Jean-Luc Picard later presents to Lutan.[16]
The Andorian warlord Krotus unites the entire planet under his rule. It was during his reign that the Andorians entered their Industrial Age and achieved a level of peace as well as prosperity that was not known prior to that time.[17]


Births and deaths

Genghis Khan dies.[13]
William of Occam born.[18]


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