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The 16th century was a century which lasted from 1501 to 1600.


  • A revolution begins against the Jibetian leader, Supreme Ruler Jibim Kiba Siber. Convinced to flee Jibet by his aide Bikon, the Supreme Ruler left Jibet aboard the Nibix, on which he and his followers were placed in cold sleep while the Nibix travelled to their new home, New Jibet. In reality, Bikon was the leader of the revolution and, with the Supreme Ruler gone, became the new Jibetian leader.[1]
  • The Caeliar city with Erika Hernandez and three of her fellow officers in lands in this year after the devastating events that lead to the destruction of the planet Erigol in 2168.[2]
  • Klinzhai becomes a tributary world to the Karsid Empire.[3]
  • 9 July, the K-13 personnel decided to enter cryosleep. Those who remained awake would live out their lives on Draconis III, including Chief Engineer Nichols, as the station lacked the power and supplies to keep them alive.[7]
  • Nichols, security officer T'Von and nurse Dennis Sheridan took the shuttlecraft Sacagawea to an area of Draconis III and set up camp on 9 August.[6]
  • On 18 December, Sheridan saved T'Von from a six-legged Draconian predator while she had a bath. They bonded over the experience.[6]
  • In her security officer's log, T'Von reported the landing of other aliens on Draconis III, who killed several Draconians, on 21 March.[6]
  • On 26 March, ranking officer Nichols decided to discard the Prime Directive and protect the Draconians from slaughter.[6]
  • On 29 March, the trio of Starfleet officers began their guerrilla campaign against the aliens, who had put the Draconians to forced labor in crystal mines.[6]
  • The Starfleet-Draconian forces took an alien caravan down on 2 April, without suffering losses.[6]
  • Nichols believed the aliens to be rattled after an encounter on 7 April.[6]
  • She was left injured with a toxin following an attack by the aliens in the night of 9 April. Nurse Sheridan was unable to help her.[6]
  • Draconians coming to the Starfleet camp were made to understand that the Starfleet crew were not working with the invading aliens. To Sheridan's dismay, the Draconians decided that the officers were gods. Fortunately, they were able to heal Nichols on 10 April, who recovered over the next days.[6]
  • The surviving aliens departed Draconis in the landing craft on 11 April.[6]
  • Celebrating with the Draconians, they were convinced that the Starfleet team weren't gods. They returned to camp and decided to retire to T'Von's island, to stay out of Draconian affairs, on 15 April. The Sacagawea would take them there.[6]
  • Erika Hernandez is voluntarily infused with Caeliar catoms. Afterwards, she is able to link with the gestalt, although she hides this ability from the Caeliar and instead tries to learn as much as possible. After waiting for 600 years and finally back in her own time, she makes several attempts to flee New Erigol, but never succeeds.[2]
  • Roanoke Colony, the first European colony in North America, vanished without a trace. Colonists left behind only one clue to their fate: the word "Croatoan". Even in 2368, the mystery of their disappearance had not been solved.[8][9]
  • Gary Seven makes sure the Spanish Armada would fall in Gravelines.[10]
  • The Cardassian Union is officially declared as a single world government with Urrent Gar becoming its first de facto ruler.[11]
  • A dispute between two Andorian warlords for control over a trade route at the Tharan Mountains ignites the tribal conflicts once more.[12]
  • Hikaru Sulu is sent back in Japan, where he helps rescue the Lady Oneko from a band of assassins who attack her escort. Oneko, who is pregnant, is the youngest concubine of Torii Mototada, the lord of Fushimi Castle. Sulu accompanies Oneko and Watanenabe Sadayo, Mototada's sword master, to the castle, where he swears allegiance to Mototada.[13]

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Gods of Night

Chapter 20, sections 16 & 17
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