Decades: 1770s - 1780s - 1790s - 1800s - 1810s - 1820s - 1830s
(stardates from 1800.0 or reference stardates -2/00 to -2/09)
Centuries: 17th century - 18th century - 19th century

The 1800s was, on Earth's calendar, the first decade of the 19th century. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, in some systems this era simply lasts from stardates 1800.0 to 1809.[1] The reference stardate system has this decade fall from stardates -2/00 to -2/09.[2]

Events[edit | edit source]

The planetoid Ceres identified and named by Human scientists.[3]
5 July 1801 
David Farragut born.[3]
The element cerium isolated and identified by Human scientists in Sweden and Germany on the planet Earth.[4][3]
Seamus MacIntyre dies.[5][3]
The element tantalum isolated and identified by Human scientists in Sweden on the planet Earth.[4][3]
The element iridium isolated and identified by Human scientists in England and France on the planet Earth.[4][3]
18 May 1804 
Joachim Murat named a Marshal of France.[3]
14 June 1805 
Robert Anderson born.[3]
21 October 1805 
Horatio Nelson dies.[3]
2 December 1805 
The Battle of Austerlitz.[3]
The elements magnesium and calcium isolated and identified by Human science in England on the planet Earth.[4][3]
19 January 1809 
Edgar Allan Poe born.[3]
12 February 1809 
Charles Darwin born.[3]
1 August 1809 
William B. Travis born.[3]
6 August 1809 
Alfred Tennyson born.[3]

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Seamus MacIntyreJoachim MuratHoratio Nelson

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Shield of the Gods

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