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Decades: 1840s - 1850s - 1860s - 1870s - 1880s - 1890s - 1900s
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Centuries: 18th century - 19th century - 20th century


The Mary Celeste is found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, abandoned.[2]
The Karsid Empire attempts to infiltrate and take over Earth, but are delayed due to resistance from Congressman Aaron Stemple and American President Ulysses S. Grant..[4]
On Zondar, the prophet Ontear predicts the coming of a savior who will bring peace between the Unglza and Eenza.[5]
  • The chemical element gallium is discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]
  • The primitive space farring Andorians encountered a Romulan starship carrying Emperor Vitellus with his vessel around the planet Andor. Though technologically inferior. through sheer luck, the Romulan ships shields collapsed and the Andorians managed to seriously damage the ship with their primitive weaponry.[7]
  • Savar writes the precepts that would form the basis for the creation of Vulcan's Offworld Service, of which he would become the first Prefect. Those precepts, which also came to be called "Savar's Prime Directive", posited that the sociopolitical implications of interfering with any alien society before they were ready, even by revealing their existence, was too grave a risk to assume.[8]
The Point Bonita Lighthouse is built in San Francisco on Earth.[9][2]
The chemical elements holmium and ytterbium are discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]
The chemical elements scandium and thulium are discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]

Births and deaths


22 April
Vladimir Lenin born.[2]
9 June
Charles Dickens dies.[2]
14 August
David Farragut dies.[2]
5 December
Alexandre Dumas dies.[2]


10 July
Marcel Proust born.[2]
19 August
Orville Wright born.[2]
30 August
Ernest Rutherford born.[2]
26 October
Robert Anderson dies.[2]


31 January
Zane Grey born.[2]


24 March
Harry Houdini born.[2]
30 November
Winston Churchill born.[2]


1 September
Edgar Rice Burroughs born.[2]


12 January
Jack London born.[2]
21 June
Antonio López de Santa Anna dies.[2]
2 August
Wild Bill Hickok dies.[2]
7 August
Mata Hari born.[2]


11 February
Gideon Welles dies.[2]
25 May
Bill Robinson born.[2]
1 June
John Masefield born.[2]
18 December
Joseph Stalin born.[2]


14 March
Albert Einstein born.[2]
3 July
Alfred Korzybski born.[2]
5 July
Wanda Landowska born.[2]
17 August
Sam Goldwyn born.[2]
7 November
Leon Trotsky born.[2]


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