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Events[edit | edit source]

The Mary Celeste is found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, abandoned.[2]
The Karsid Empire attempts to infiltrate and take over Earth, but are delayed due to resistance from Congressman Aaron Stemple.[4]
On Zondar, the prophet Ontear predicts the coming of a savior who will bring peace between the Unglza and Eenza.[5]
The chemical element gallium is discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]
The Point Bonita Lighthouse is built in San Francisco on Earth.[7][2]
The chemical elements holmium and ytterbium are discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]
The chemical elements scandium and thulium are discovered by Humans for the first time.[6]

Births and deaths[edit | edit source]

1870[edit | edit source]

22 April 
Vladimir Lenin born.[2]
9 June 
Charles Dickens dies.[2]
14 August 
David Farragut dies.[2]
5 December 
Alexandre Dumas dies.[2]

1871[edit | edit source]

10 July 
Marcel Proust born.[2]
19 August 
Orville Wright born.[2]
30 August 
Ernest Rutherford born.[2]
26 October 
Robert Anderson dies.[2]

1872[edit | edit source]

31 January 
Zane Grey born.[2]

1874[edit | edit source]

24 March 
Harry Houdini born.[2]
30 November 
Winston Churchill born.[2]

1875[edit | edit source]

1 September 
Edgar Rice Burroughs born.[2]

1876[edit | edit source]

12 January 
Jack London born.[2]
21 June 
Antonio López de Santa Anna dies.[2]
2 August 
Wild Bill Hickok dies.[2]
7 August 
Mata Hari born.[2]

1878[edit | edit source]

11 February 
Gideon Welles dies.[2]
25 May 
Bill Robinson born.[2]
1 June 
John Masefield born.[2]
18 December 
Joseph Stalin born.[2]

1879[edit | edit source]

14 March 
Albert Einstein born.[2]
3 July 
Alfred Korzybski born.[2]
5 July 
Wanda Landowska born.[2]
17 August 
Sam Goldwyn born.[2]
7 November 
Leon Trotsky born.[2]

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