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9 July 
Babe Ruth's first stint at minor league baseball ends as he joins the major-league Boston Red Sox. Ruth's minor-league Baltimore Orioles jersey from the 1914 season will eventually be displayed at the Pioneer Pub on Cestus III in the 2370s and 2380s.[1][2]
28 July 
World War I begins as many nation-states on Earth declare war, centering around a conflict in Europe, but spreading throughout imperial possessions of many involved countries and alliances.[2]
1 September 
What was believed to be the last passenger pigeon on Earth dies in a zoo.[2][3]

Births and deaths[]

1 March 
Ralph Ellison born.[2]
13 May 
Joe Louis born.[2]
26 September 
August Macke dies.[2]
6 October 
Thor Heyerdahl born.[2]
25 November 
Joe DiMaggio born.[2]
12 December 
Patrick O'Brian born.[2]
24 December 
John Muir dies.[2]
26 December 
Richard Widmark born.[2]


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