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19 June 
US Senator John Dawson travels to Mesa Verde, Arizona with his granddaughter, Elsa Dawson. This was Dawson's last attempt to find a stash of Colt peacemaker pistols he secreted in an otherworldly cave on planet Equinox after travel through an ancient transporter portal. [1]

Births and DeathsEdit

15 January 
Martin Luther King, Jr. is born.[2]
26 June 
Richard Réti dies.[2]
28 July 
Jacqueline Kennedy is born.[2]
8 November 
Christopher Danton is born.[3]

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Strange New Worlds V

The Peacemakers

Section 6
The Next Generation 19 June 1929 short story Strange new worlds 5

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