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Alternate timelinesEdit

  • December 7 - In an alternate timeline created by Leonard McCoy when he saved Edith Keeler from being killed in a traffic accident in New York City in 1930, she went on to found the American Pacifist Movement, a large and powerful peace organization. The growth of Keeler's organization in the following years managed to influence Roosevelt's foreign and military policies, forcing him to assume a less aggressive stance against the Axis Powers in the early years of World War II. Because of these changes, Japan did not attack Pearl Harbor in 1941, and the United States' entry into the war was delayed until 1944.[3]
  • December 29 - President Roosevelt paid an official visit to Atlanta, Georgia. In response, the Governor of Georgia, a political opponent, invited the American Pacifist Movement to hold a rally at the state capitol on the same day.[3]


References and NotesEdit

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According to reference book Phase II: The Lost Series, a script commissioned for the aborted Phase II series, "Tomorrow and the Stars", would have depicted Captain James T. Kirk's adventures trapped in 1941 during the Attack on Pearl Harbor.

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