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1942 was, on Earth's calendar, the 43rd year of the 20th century, and the third year of the 1940s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1942.0[1] or reference stardate -1/42[2].


4 June

Enterprise (CV-6).

21 October
17 December


Births and deaths

8 January
18 June
27 November

Notable people

other notable people 
Jack BennyVassili ChuikovCrockerBing CrosbyJohn CrommelinJim DanielsJack GriffinWilliam Halsey Jr.Osborne B. HardisonAverell HarrimanHirohitoAdolf HitlerNikita KhrushchevRoy KinesThomas C. KinkaidJohn C. KirkRobin LindseyBenito MussoliniEliot NessIvan RomanoffSouzaJoseph StalinKuniko SuzukiLuke SuzukiRicky SuzukiThomas (Lieutenant Commander)Arthur TrumanSwede VejtasaWhaleyGeorgy Zhukov


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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Home Is the Hunter

Chapters 5, 9, 12, 17, 23, 26, 31, 37 & 40
The Original Series October 1942 novel Hunter
Enterprise Logs

World of Strangers
Star Trek 26 October 1942 short story Enterprise Logs
Home Is the Hunter

Chapters 43, 47 & 50
The Original Series November 1942 novel Hunter

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