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  • The French government establishes the Centre d'Experimentation du Pacifique.[1]
15 May 
The successful Mercury program's Atlas rocket series ends on planet Earth.[2][3]
16–19 June 
The flight of Vostok 6 is piloted by the first Human woman recorded to reach space. Orbiting Earth 45 times, the craft performs a formation fly-by with companion craft Vostok 5.[2]
Historian Trae of Vulcanis claimed that a time traveller intent on disrupting Human history would have a high degree of success in visiting October 1963, as Earth's "superpower" governments waged a cold war between capitalist democracy and communist strongholds.[4]

Births and deathsEdit

4 March 
Roger Ramey dies.[3]
22 November 
John F. Kennedy dies.[3]


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From History's Shadow

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The Original Series September 26 to September 27, 1963 novel From History's Shadow cover

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