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1966 was, on Earth's calendar, the 67th year of the 20th century, and the seventh year of the 1960s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1966.0[1] or reference stardate -1/66[2].


Diana Winters's KGB impersonator.

24 January 
Indira Gandhi becomes Prime Minister of India.[5]
The final 5 flights in Project Gemini were flown.[5]
4 July 
The United States of America has the first Freedom of Information Act signed into law.[5]
5 August 
Caesars Palace opens.[5]
16 September 
The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. begins a one-year run as a television series. It would be nostalgically remembered by Roberta Lincoln as she learned skills as a female secret agent.[6]
1 November 
Chandigarh, India is established.[7]


Births and deaths[]

2 April 
C.S. Forester dies.[5]
31 May 
William Blanchard dies.[5]


References and notes[]


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
From History's Shadow

Chapter 23
The Original Series 16 March, 1966 novel From History's Shadow cover.jpg



The M-113 creature.

8 September
15 September
22 September
29 September


James T. Kirk, duplicated.

6 October
13 October
20 October
27 October
  • "Miri" is first aired.


James T. Kirk in the neural neutralizer.

3 November
10 November
17 November
24 November


James T. Kirk confronts Lenore and Kodos.

8 December
15 December
22 December
29 December

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