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1969 was, on Earth's calendar, the 70th year of the 20th century, and the tenth and final year of the 1960s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1969.0[1] or reference stardate -1/69.[2]


20 July (reference stardate -1/6907.20)
15 August


Births and deaths

2 February
28 March
31 August


References and notes


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Assignment: Earth

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
The Original Series July 1969 comic takes place concurrently with "Tomorrow is Yesterday", beginning moments before the episode. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.jpg
Tomorrow is Yesterday

The Original Series July 1969 episode John Christopher.jpg
Strange New Worlds III

The Aliens Are Coming!
The Original Series July 1969 short story/eBook The Aliens Are Coming.jpg
From History's Shadow

Chapters 35-26
The Original Series 10 July 1969 novel From History's Shadow cover.jpg
Assignment: Eternity

Chapters 1 & 22
The Original Series 19-20 July 1969 novel Assignment Eternity.jpg


The Enterprise.


Garth of Izar.

USS Enterprise lands.

3 January
10 January
17 January
18 January
24 January
25 January
31 January


James T. Kirk and Spock extracting a power rod from the Enterprise's power unit.

Rota Sevrin.

1 February
8 February
14 February
15 February
21 February
22 February
28 February


Spock witnesses the destruction of Space Bug 7.


1 March
7 March
8 March
14 March
15 March
22 March
29 March


Star Trek 3.

4 April
5 April
12 April
19 April
26 April


USS Enterprise under missile barrage.

3 May
10 May
17 May
24 May
31 May


"The Peril of Planet Quick Change".

3 June
7 June
10 June
14 June
17 June
21 June
  • The first installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
24 June
28 June
  • The second installment of "Skin Deep" is released.


Landing party investigates.

1 July
5 July
  • The third installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
8 July
12 July
  • The fourth installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
19 July
  • The fifth installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
26 July
  • The sixth installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
29 July


The space eagle attacks.

2 August
  • The seventh installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
5 August
9 August
  • The eighth installment of "Skin Deep" is released.
12 August
16 August
19 August
23 August
26 August
30 August


"The Ghost Planet".

2 September
6 September
27 September


Spock at the mercy of the Zonds.

4 October
11 October
18 October
25 October


Sigma Draconis ihabitants.

1 November
8 November
15 November
22 November
29 November


"When Planets Collide".

Part 2 of "Menace of the Moloth".

6 December
13 December
20 December
27 December

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