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1973 was, on Earth's calendar, the 74th year of the 20th century, and the fourth year of the 1970s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1973.0 [1] or reference stardate -1/73.[2]


15 April
  • At United States Military Forces Headquarters, Colonel Robert Argon composes a letter to Franz Joseph, explaining that a large amount of stored data in the Omaha Military Forces Base was found to be a hoax download of a future technical document, complete with illustrations and other official-looking printout data.[7]
  • The Pioneer 10 probe becomes the first to reach Jupiter.[5][7]
  • The Warner Brothers film The Exorcist is released.[5][9][10]


Births and deaths

22 January
8 April
2 July
7 July
31 August
16 September
2 September
25 November


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6 January
13 January
20 January
27 January


"The Cosmic Cavemen".

3 February
10 February
17 February
24 February


Sektrak of Thark.

3 March
10 March
17 March
24 March
31 March


A Klingon colonel.

7 April
14 April
21 April
28 April


"The Hijacked Planet".

5 May
12 May
19 May
26 May


2 June
9 June
16 June
23 June
  • The first installment of "Shell Game" is released.
30 June
  • The second installment of "Shell Game" is released.


"The Haunted Asteroid".

7 July
  • The third installment of "Shell Game" is released.
14 July
  • The fourth installment of "Shell Game" is released.
21 July
  • The fifth installment of "Shell Game" is released.
28 July
  • The sixth installment of "Shell Game" is released.


Star Trek 9.

4 August
11 August
  • The eighth installment of "Shell Game" is released.
18 August
  • The ninth installment of "Shell Game" is released.
25 August
  • The tenth installment of "Shell Game" is released.


"A World Gone Mad".

1 September
  • The eleventh installment of "Shell Game" is released.
8 September
15 September
22 September
29 September


6 October
13 October
20 October
27 October


"The Mummies of Heitius VII".

3 November
10 November
17 November
24 November


1 December
8 December
15 December
22 December
29 December

Unknown month

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