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1981 was, on Earth's calendar, the 82nd year of the 20th century, and the second year of the 1980s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1981.0 [1] or reference stardate -1/81.[2]


Ronald Reagan becomes the 40th President of the United States of America, George H. W. Bush becomes Vice President, and Nancy Reagan becomes First Lady.[3]
Walter Cronkite concludes his run as anchorman for the CBS Evening News.[3]
The space shuttle Columbia launches on its maiden flight.[3][4]
François Mitterrand becomes the 21st President of France.[3]


Births and deaths

  • George Jessel dies.[5]
12 April
Joe Louis dies.[3]
6 October
Anwar el Sadat dies.[3]


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"Heads of State".

17 January
18 January



20 March
21 March
22 March


Death's Angel.

Death stalks the corridors of the Enterprise. When Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock barely survived the mission to Delta Gamma IV, the deadly planet whose beautiful blue flowers destroy the mind and ravage the soul, Chief Medical Officer McCoy felt something was dangerously wrong — just how wrong, he didn't realize. For when the Enterprise takes on the alien members of a sensitive Federation diplomatic mission, the ambassadors are murdered one by one. The angel of death is visiting the ambassadors.
25 April
26 April


"The Savage Within."


The Entropy Effect.

The Enterprise is summoned to transport a dangerous criminal from a starbase prison to a rehabilitation center: brilliant physicist Dr. Georges Mordreaux, accused of promising to send people back in time — then killing them instead. But when Mordreaux escapes, bursts onto the bridge and kills Captain Kirk, Spock must journey back in time to avert disaster — before it occurs.


21 July
22 July




"Restructuring Is Futile".

25 October
26 October



The Covenant of the Crown.

An Enterprise shuttle is forced to crash land in a violent storm on the barren planet Sigma 1212. Spock, McCoy, and Kailyn, the beautiful heir to the Shaddan throne, survive in the near disaster. Now, pursued by primitive hunters and a band of Klingon scouts, they must reach the mountain where the fabulous dynastic crown is hidden. With the help of Spock and McCoy, and her own fantastic mental powers, Kailyn must prove that she alone is the true heir to the throne. If they fail, they will open the door for Klingon takeover of the whole quadrant — and the galaxy's hope to live long and prosper will fall in the shadow of a cruel tyranny.

Unknown month