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1985 was, on Earth's calendar, the 86th year of the 20th century, and the sixth year of the 1980s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 1985.0[1] or reference stardate -1/85[2].

Events[edit | edit source]

10 July 
The bombing of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior will lead to a sailor from Marseille resigning from the French navy to protest against the bombing.[5]
Noonien leads a rebellion of Augments against the scientists who developed them.[7]
27 September 
The Twilight Zone debuts its second series.[4]
3 October 
The space shuttle Atlantis launches on its maiden flight.[4]

People[edit | edit source]

Births and deaths[edit | edit source]

10 March 
Konstantin Chernenko dies.[4]
28 March 
Marc Chagall dies.[4]
G. Heisen dies.[7]
25 August 
Evelyn Ankers dies.[4]
10 October 
Orson Welles dies.[4]
19 November 
Stepin Fetchit dies.[4]

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Stories[edit | edit source]

Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Elusive Salvation

Chapters 16-21, 23, 25-30
The Original Series August 8-15, 1985 novel Admiral James T. Kirk and Captain Spock attempt to rescue Iramahl refugees in this time period, aided by Roberta Lincoln. Elusive Salvation cover.jpg
Star Trek: Khan

Khan, Issue 1

1985 flashback
The Original Series August 1985 comic Khan Noonien Singh escapes from the Chrysalis Project in India, and begins laying plans for global conquest. Events take place in an alternate reality. ST Khan 1.jpg

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"The Triangle".

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  • TOS comic #13: The Mirror Universe Saga, Part 5: Masquerade!, by Mike W. Barr

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