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2020 was, on Earth's calendar, the 21st year of the 21st century, and the first year of the 2020s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 2020.0.[1]


Buck Bokai's baseball card.

23 January

Cristóbal Rios' fake passport stated that it was issued in this date.[8]

6 August

Holly Eva Visser's fake passport stated that it was issued in this date.[9]

Spaceflight Chronology Continuty

  • The first manned mission to Saturn reports evidence of alien visitation. This find has a profound effect on man's perspective of himself in the universe.[6]


Births and deaths

29 June 
Johnny Mandel dies.[10]
25 July 
Olivia de Havilland dies.[10]
29 September 
Helen Reddy dies.[10]
29 November 
Ben Bova dies.[10]
7 December 
Chuck Yeager dies.[10]

Notable people

other notable people
Hank AaronBuzz AldrinPamela AndersonAnn-MargretMargaret AtwoodDrew BarrymoreBarry BondsBen BovaKenneth BranaghNaomi CampbellCharles, Prince of WalesJohn ChristopherKatie ChristopherKevin ChristopherRory ChristopherJoan CollinsMax Allan CollinsRobert CraisDax symbiontOlivia de HavillandRobert De NiroCameron DiazAthene DonaldFrank DrakeBob DylanFreeman DysonClint EastwoodElizabeth IIShepard FaireyVigdís FinnbogadóttirHeidi FleissAlice FontanaTera FranklinBill GatesMikhail GorbachevPatty HearstHultquistLady GagaDebbie LauderdaleSumi LeeJames LovellShirin LuddenElle MacphersonMadonnaJohn MajorLee MajorsJunior ManceJohnny MandelWillie MaysJennifer McCarthyPaul McCartneyLarry McMurtryWalter MondaleDemi MooreElon MuskJocelyn O'HerlihyMarcus O'HerlihyRoger PenrosePlummer • "Zoe Querez" • Helen ReddyDerek RedmondLincoln RobertsDonald RumsfeldEmilia SakamotoClaudia SchifferWilliam ShatnerSimoneWill SmithPatrick StewartSharon StoneValentina TereshkovaFrank J. TiplerAndrew WilesJase Zero


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Seven's Reckoning.

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"Picard: Countdown, Issue 3".

9 January
22 January
23 January
28 January
29 January


"The Last Best Hope".

4 February
11 February


The Higher Frontier".

10 March
24 March


7 April
14 April


  • No announcements.


3 June
9 June


7 July
14 July
22 July


More Beautiful Than Death.

5 August

19 August


1 September
9 September


7 October
13 October
14 October
27 October
28 October


3 November
10 November
11 November
18 November
24 November


1 December
8 December
16 December
30 December


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Rings of Time

Chapters 1, 3, 5
The Original Series June 28 - July 2020 novel The USS Lewis & Clark, the first manned space mission to Saturn, launches from Earth, under the command of Colonel Shaun Christopher. Blogger Zoe Querez "stows aboard" during the months of their voyage to the planet. The Rings of Time cover.jpg
The Rings of Time

Chapters 7, 9-10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28-29
The Original Series September 2020 novel Captain James T. Kirk gets temporarily stranded in the year 2020 aboard the USS Lewis & Clark (from the year 2270), inhabiting the body of Colonel Shaun Christopher. The Rings of Time cover.jpg

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