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2024 was, on Earth's calendar, the 25th year of the 21st century, and the fifth year of the 2020s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 2024.0[1].



Buck Bokai's baseball card.

  • Baseball player Buck Bokai in the Planetary Baseball League plays a second and final year for the club at Seibu. He had 161 games, 653 times at bat, 107 runs, 240 hits, with 42 doubles, 13 triples, 9 stolen bases and 26 home runs. He was responible for 75 runs batted in and had a batting average of .368.[2][3]
  • Ireland is reunified as a political entity after years of terrorism.[4]
  • By 2024, a government that was based on the ideals of Leon Trotsky had come to power in France, and had escalating tension with the country's Gaullists. Two guests at a party held by Christopher Brynner cancelled a trip to the Alps because of concerns over student protests.[5]
21 January
LA Times newspapers carry front-page headlines regarding Christopher Brynner opposing unionization, the upcoming Europa moon mission and the wildfire season in California.[6]
Although the newspaper that Q was reading bore the date of January 21st, the date of the rest of the episode was established to be 12 April. It is possible that Q was reading an old, out-of-date newspaper or that scene was a flashback to January when he began observing Renée. An additional discontinuity was that the January newspaper stated the Shango mission was three days away, although this might have reflected a rescheduling. It is also possible that Q conjured an inaccurately formed version of the newspaper as the result of his powers faltering.
12 April
The CSS La Sirena crashes at Château Picard's vineyards.[7]
13 April
The FBI detains Jean-Luc Picard and Guinan.[8][9]
14 April
Picard explores his repressed memories of the Chateau catacombs.[10]
15 April
Shango launches. The Traveler meets with Kore Soong.[11]
2 September
The Bell Riots break out in the San Francisco Sanctuary District A. Afterwards, the United States of America begins to reverse its policy of placing the homeless and mentally ill in Sanctuary District internment. It is later revealed that Starfleet officer Benjamin Sisko had traveled through time and taken the place of Gabriel Bell. Sisko's interference in a street fight caused Bell's death, and Sisko took his place when rioters took US government employees hostage, ensuring that the government saw the civil rights of the District inhabitants were being violated.[5][12]


Births and deaths[]

15 April
Tallinn dies.[11]
18 June
Willie Mays dies.
2 September
Gabriel Bell dies.[5]
3 September
Gabriel Bell's death is recorded after he is briefly impersonated by Benjamin Sisko. Michael Webb and Biddle Coleridge (and the rest of the Bell Riots hostage-takers) are also killed, as well as hundreds of Sanctuary District A residents.[5]

Notable people[]

Buzz AldrinAlvarezPamela AndersonAnn-MargretFredric AppelMargaret AtwoodDrew BarrymoreBarry BondsKenneth BranaghHelen BurkeNaomi CampbellCharles IIIRobert ChenJames Kirk Christopher-FontanaBiddle ColeridgeJoan CollinsMax Allan CollinsJoe ComeauRobert CraisWesley CrusherDax symbiontRobert De NiroCameron DiazAthene DonaldBob DylanClint EastwoodWill EliscuShepard FaireyFengpeng SunVigdís FinnbogadóttirHeidi FleissAlice FontanaGabiBill GatesPatty HearstLady GagaLeclercLeeJames LovellElle MacphersonMadonnaJohn MajorLee MajorsWillie MaysJennifer McCarthyPaul McCartneyDemi MooreMusaElon MuskGavin NewsomeMatt OkumuraRoger PenroseRenee PicardPrestonTeresa RamirezDerek RedmondRicardoClaudia SchifferWilliam ShatnerWill SmithPatrick StewartSharon StoneTalinnValentina TereshkovaFrank J. TiplerVinDanny WebbMichael WebbAndrew WilesWilliamsMark Zuelzke


References and notes[]


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