years: 2052 2053 2054 2055 2056 2057 2058

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2020s 2030s 2040s 2050s 2060s 2070s 2080s
centuries: 20th century - 21st century - 22nd century


Spaceflight Chronology continuityEdit

This data point was invalidated canonically by TNG movie: Star Trek: First Contact, which established Cochrane's first warp flight in 2063.


Notable peopleEdit

other notable people
Lily SloaneStephen Richey

References and NotesEdit

  1. TOS reference: Spaceflight Chronology
  2. TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky
  3. ST reference: Federation: The First 150 Years


Title Series Date Media Notes Image

2055 historical footage
Enterprise 2055 episode Historical footage of Colonel Green speaking in the aftermath of World War III. Demons ep
Federation: The First 150 Years

Prologue: Cochrane's Flight, 2063-2120
Star Trek 2055 reference book World War III finally ends with a cease-fire signing in San Francisco. Zefram Cochrane erases the location of the Bozeman, Montana missile complex from the datanets, and secretly relocates his warp-research team there. Federation - The First 150 Years cover


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