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9 August
  • In conjunction with Zefram Cochrane at "Earth Station Bozeman", the six L-5 colonies (Vanguard colony, Colony Roykirk, the Moss-Offenhouse colony, the NicholCorp facility, the Brynner Asteroid, and the Starling Habitat) take part in an experiment to create a stable subspace field. The experiment goes horribly wrong and all six habitats vanish. Among the roughly 2000 people missing and presumed dead is Christopher Brynner of Brynner Information Systems, who had moved to the lower-gravity Brynner Asteroid complex for health reasons.[2]
  • Vanguard colony flies some 200 light years from Earth, with 827 out of 844 inhabitants surviving.[2]
  • About a month after the accident Vanguard is boarded by Nausicaan raiders. The "tuskers" kill 252 before they are driven off.[2]


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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Strange New Worlds 9

The Immortality Blues

Section 3
Speculations 2058 short story Snw9.jpg
The Sundered

Chapter 7-8
The Lost Era 9 August - 2 September 2058 novel Sundered.jpg