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2063 was, on Earth's calendar, the 64th year of the 21st century, and the fourth year of the 2060s decade. Although this was a time period before Human formulation of stardates, this era begins with stardate 2063.0[1].

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4 April
5 April
6 April

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Adrik ThorsenMonica BurkeJohn BurkeStephen Richey

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Stories[edit | edit source]

Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Star Trek: First Contact

Chapters 4-10
(2063 scenes)
The Next Generation 4-5 April 2063 movie
The Sundered

Chapter 12
The Lost Era 2063 novel Sundered.jpg
Star Trek: First Contact

Chapters 11-12
(2063 scenes)
The Next Generation 2063 movie
Strange New Worlds III

A Private Victory

Chapters 11-12
(2063 scenes)
The Next Generation 2063 short story SNWIII.jpg
Star Trek: First Contact

Chapters 13-15
(2063 scenes)
The Next Generation 2063 movie
In a Mirror, Darkly

Enterprise 2063 episode In the Mirror universe, Zefram Cochrane conducts first contact with the Vulcans much more violently than in the Prime universe. MirrorFirstContact.jpg
Strange New Worlds 9

The Immortality Blues

Section 4
Speculations 2063 short story Snw9.jpg
Strange New Worlds II

Almost... But Not Quite

Section 1
Voyager 2063 short story SNWII.jpg
Federation: The First 150 Years

Prologue: Cochrane's Flight, 2063-2120
Star Trek 2063 reference book Federation - The First 150 Years cover.jpg

Chapter 39
The Original Series 2063 novel Preserver.jpg

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