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Events of unspecified date[]

  • The Red Plague kills more than one million Vulcans in the 2070s. It erupts from the Kendha-Ya out-region. The virus which causes the plague may not have originated on Vulcan, since an outbreak occurs on Circe-Two two hundred years later in 2279 which kills nearly all 30,000 colonists in less than two months.[1]
  • Slug-o-Cola creates its slogan "Drink Slug-o-Cola! The slimiest cola in the galaxy!" It remains unchanged until at least the 2370s.[2]
  • Zaranites come under control of a group known as the Totality, human fugitives from Earth's World War III, who uses superior technology, eugenics and mental weapons to control them. The Zaranites use a special oneness-mind to fight back against the human oppression.[3]

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