20 Draconis was a star with an associated star system, located in the Draconis sector of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant. 20 Draco was a class F white star and part of the Draco constellation. (STO - "New Frontiers" mission: "Echoes of Light")


The Draconian civilization evolved on the third planet of the 20 Draconis system. In 1571, the Federation and Klingon Empire made first contact with the Draconians when their space station, Deep Space Station K-13, was pulled from Kappa Fornacis in 2270 hundreds of years into the past. (STO - "New Frontiers" mission: "Echoes of Light")

Most of the K-13 personnel went into hibernation. The degrading station was rediscovered by the Ferengi criminal Qwen in 2411. Around the same time, the Tzenkethi Coalition targeted Draconis III with a protomatter bomb as part of their Crusade against the Drantzuli crystals. The Draconians were eradicated as a result. (STO - "New Frontiers" mission: "Echoes of Light")

Soon after, the Lukari Concordium selected 20 Draconis as a target to be explored by their first new interstellar craft, the {{pre|LSS|Concordium]], because it had been left unexplored by the Alpha Quadrant Alliance. The Concordium and its AQA escort ship uncovered the Tzenkethi's crime, and removed Qwen and his Nausicaan mercenaries from K-13. (STO - "New Frontiers" mission: "Echoes of Light")

K-13 subsequently became a fleet holding for the AQA fleets, and the station began to see rebuilding, and its crew reviving. (STO video game: Season 12: Reckoning)


The contained four planets and an asteroid belt.


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