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This page details the years 2100-2149 according to the timeline presented in the Spaceflight Chronology.


This reference date coincides with the late 2150s and early 2160s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.
reference stardate 1/00
On Earth, the Centenary Conference looks at what the 22nd century will bring.
stardate 1/00
Proposed Cultural Exchange Program is a casualty of increasing acts of piracy. Likewise, the new Student Exchange Program is also stymied for security reasons.


This reference date coincides with the late 2150s and early 2160s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.
reference stardate 1/01
Centauri Firing Range opens for use by the 11 members of the UFP.
stardate 1/01
President Harmon Axelrod ends his tenure as Federation President. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)
stardate 0101.28
The USS Runemark is destroyed at Canis Minoris XII after a running battle with a Romulan-crewed U4-class cruiser. Despite the Runemark's destruction, the Zoenamy-class vessel's crew were successful in severely damaging the Romulan ship. (FASA RPG module: The Romulan War)


This reference date coincides with the late 2150s and early 2160s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.
reference stardate 1/02
Federation tension continues to grow as reports from outlying sectors suggest these space pirates may be an organized, well-prepared force, not a loosely knit band of renegades. (FASA RPG module: The Federation)


This reference date coincides with the late 2150s and early 2160s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.

Starbase 1 is destroyed in a premeditated attack by seven Romulan ships. The Federation institutes a Mobilization Alert to bring all facilities to combat readiness for these "Space Pirates."

As part of the Mobilization Alert, military escorts are given to all priority transports.


Advanced laser weaponry, in development for eight years, is approved for use on all Horizon-class cruisers.

UFP issues official report expressing grave concern regarding the Romulan threat and its effect on galactic life.


Marshall-class destroyer is rushed into service. This advanced fighting ship will be a prime defender of Federation territory in the event of war.

Sectors 1-4 and 7-10 go to Code 1 Alert Status as the Romulan Empire continues its "hit and run" tactics.


War with Romulan Empire begins as they advance on, and are confronted near, the Rigel star system.

Warp drive ambulances are rushed into service as Federation casualties mount.


This reference date coincides with the late 2150s and early 2160s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.
reference stardate 1/0712.25
The Battle of Nu Chalcedonis: Starfleet's 12th Strike Wing, with three full starship squadrons, is victorious over a disorganized Romulan Star Empire convoy in the Nu Chalcedonis star system during the Earth-Romulan War. The Starfleet forces decisively defeated the Romulans, destroying all their vessels while taking only light casualties. (FASA RPG module: The Romulan War)

War continues as Romulans penetrate interplanetary security of Sector 5B Mining complex, destroying this important Federation resource.


War continues as Romulans kill 200,000 on Alpha Omega. Worst incident of the war.


Romulan War ends with a decisive victory for Federation forces at the Battle of Cheron.

Mantiev is settled, and the other three planets of the future Mantiev Colonial Association are settled within the next year. All these are founded by various groups from the Federation. It is their success that spurs the major wave of settlement 30 years later. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


Galactic peace brings the beginnings of tremendous growth in industry and trade.

Marcus van Diemen born. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)


First 25 years of UFP has been "chaotic," official report states. But next 25 years find members "confident."

Galactic Outreach Program resumes after ten year suspension.


Membership of UFP reaches 100.

The rebuilding of Starbase 1 is completed and is towed to original location.


As an outgrowth of the Romulan War, a huge prototype Federation battle cruiser is completed and undergoes testing. It fails to meet requirements and is put in storage.


In the Pyrlmiis star system, two inhabited planets are found on the same orbit, on a collision course.


Top secret prototype spy ship is tested. It achieves warp 3.84, the highest velocity to date.


Galactic Cultural Exchange begins bringing each world's heritage to other Federation members.


Deneva Research Station opens and begins scientific investigation into transtater physics.


Well-preserved remains of galaxy's oldest civilization, 7.5 billion years, is found.


Starfleet Museum, repository for all major scientific and historical artifacts, is completed on Memory Alpha.


Subspace radio introduced. This breakthrough has immediate and far-reaching impact on galactic security, trade and travel.


The first interstellar liners, the Declaration-class, begin service between major UFP members.


First evidence of extra-galactic life is discovered when an unknown probe is encountered by the Castor-class USS Greyhound in Sector 24.


The UFP's major space development complex, the huge Centauri Spaceworks, opens with contracts from many members.

In the Triangle, the Mantiev Colonial Association is formed. All four planets are charter members. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


UFP issues study showing interstellar tourism may eventually become the largest industry in the Federation.


The largest supernova in recorded history occurs when the star Phi Puma blows up. In the process, the research ship Kepler is vaporized.

Emanuel Tagore euthanizes his beloved wife, who was suffering and dying from Gualter's neuromyelitis but could not tolerate the chemical therapy. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)


Small, privately-owned interplanetary pleasure craft become available to citizens of several star systems. On-going advancements in propulsion systems, computers and communications makes this possible.


Captain James Smithson is dishonorably discharged from Starfleet in the first violation of the Prime Directive. (FASA RPG modules: The Federation, Star Trek IV Sourcebook Update)


Argelius II quickly becomes a favorite among the growing numbers of interstellar tourists for its scintillating nightlife.


First unmanned interstellar cargo ships, the Boyden-class, begin plying the long-haul trade routes.

Delta Research Station completed, drawing scientists from all sectors of space.


Worlds in Evolution Program enables students to witness firsthand, various eras in the life cycle of developing planets.


Like many planets in the Federation, the Milky Way Galaxy itself contains "faults" that cause violent disruptions. After years of study the mystery novas in Sector 27 are found to be caused by these forces.


The theory of molecular re-integration achieves a major breakthrough with the first successful transmission of organic life.


Funding for a new generation of warp ships not approved. Horizon and Marshall-classes remain first line of defense.


After 50 years, the UFP has matured into a stable, ever growing alliance of star systems.


Interplanetary war near neutral zone causes first tension between the Federation and the Romulan Empire since their war. This incident loosens the purse strings and funding for advanced class ships is appropriated.


The old Earth-designed Edison-class research ships are finally phased out as the Palomar-class begins work on the infinite mysteries of space.


This reference date coincides with the early 2200s in the primary Star Trek timeline.
stardate 1/4010

A new series of major antimatter refineries becomes available, taking up station at various locations in Federation territory.

First major wave of settlements into the Triangle. (FASA RPG module: The Triangle)


This reference date coincides with the mid-2200s in the primary Star Trek timeline.

Intelligent flying humanoids are discovered on Alpha Virginis II, a planet located in Sector 14C.


This reference date coincides with the late 2200s in the primary Star Trek timeline.

UFP study reports research into planetary weather control paying big dividends as once unproductive worlds turn productive.

The Klingons seize their first Federation ships. It will be another 8 years until a Federation ship survives such an encounter to report the Klingons' existence to Starfleet. (TOS novel: The Final Reflection)


This reference date coincides with the late 2200s and early 2210s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.

The opulent Stellarford-class star-liner enters service. These liners have double the passenger capacity and much longer range than any commercial ship in space.


This reference date coincides with the early 2210s in the primary Star Trek timeline.

The new generation star-liners quickly make We Jewel Stars of Corona Major, and other remote stellar wonders, big tourist attractions.


This reference date coincides with the mid-2210s in the primary Star Trek timeline.

Born: Richard Daystrom, renowned physicist and developer of duotronics.


This reference date coincides with the mid-2210s in the primary Star Trek timeline.

Invention of medical tricorder allows instantaneous diagnosis of Rigellian plague, saving many lives.


This reference date coincides with the late 2210s and early 2220s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.

First new major ship class in 43 years, the Tritium, proves to be unworkable. This unfortunate design costs Starfleet billions of credits, and results in some of its highest personnel being discharged from service.


This reference date coincides with the late 2210s and early 2220s decade in the primary Star Trek timeline.

The failure of the Tritium-class results in a crash R&D program for a replacement. Even still, it will take years.



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