years: 2150 2151 2152 2153 2154 2155 2156

(stardates n/a)

decades: 2120s 2130s 2140s 2150s 2160s 2170s 2180s
centuries: 21st century - 22nd century - 23rd century


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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Horizon Enterprise 10 January 2153 episode ECS Horizon

The Romulan Way

Chapter 12
The Original Series 2153 novel Romulan Way
The Breach Enterprise 2153 episode The Breach
Cogenitor Enterprise 2153 episode Cogenitor
Regeneration Enterprise 1 March 2153 episode Regeneration
First Flight Enterprise 2153 episode NX Beta
Daedalus Enterprise 2153 novel Takes place nearly 13 years after October 2140 Daedalus
Daedalus's Children Enterprise 2153 novel Daedalus'sChildren
Bounty Enterprise 21 March 2153 episode Bounty

Enterprise March 2153 episode A temporally displaced Enterprise (NX-01) fails to prevent the launch of the Xindi weapon. E2Ents
The Expanse Enterprise 24 April 2153 episode novelization This book also novelizes the episode "The Xindi" The Expanse
Last Full Measure Enterprise 2153 novel Takes place between "The Xindi" and "Anomaly" LastFullMeasure
Anomaly Enterprise 2153 episode Anomaly
Strange New Worlds VII

Earthquake Weather
Enterprise 2153 short story Strange new worlds 7
Extinction Enterprise 2153 episode Extinction
Strange New Worlds 8

Enterprise 2153 short story Strange New Worlds 8 cover
Rajiin Enterprise 2153 episode Rajiin
Impulse Enterprise 2153 episode Impulse
Exile Enterprise 2153 episode Exile
The Shipment Enterprise 2153 episode Gralik
Twilight Enterprise 2153 episode Earth's end
North Star Enterprise 2153 episode North Star
Similitude Enterprise 2153 episode Similitude
Carpenter Street Enterprise 2153 episode Carpenter Street
Chosen Realm Enterprise 2153 episode Chosen Realm
Proving Ground Enterprise 6 December 2153 episode Proving Ground
Stratagem Enterprise 12 December 2153 episode Stratagem
Harbinger Enterprise 27 December 2153 episode Harbinger episode
Doctor's Orders Enterprise 2153 episode Doctors Orders

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