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18 January

The Enterprise NX-01 is decommissioned and made into a museum ship. The NX-01 survives at least until 2370.[1][8]

12 August

The Articles of the Federation are signed in San Francisco on Earth by United Earth, Vulcan, the Andorian Empire, Tellar, and Alpha Centauri; the United Federation of Planets has officially come into existence. Amongst the signatories are Jonathan Archer of Earth, Soval of Vulcan, Gora bim Gral of Tellar, and Nathan Samuels of Earth.[2]

Promotions and transfers

  • Jonathan Archer is promoted to the rank of Admiral in the Federation Starfleet, transferring to that organization's jurisdiction.[1]
  • Captain Stillwell offers then-Ensign Travis Mayweather a posting aboard his vessel following the decommissioning of Mayweather's previous ship, the NX class Enterprise (NX-01). Preferring to continue serving with Captain Jonathan Archer, his commanding officer from Enterprise, Mayweather did not give Stillwell an immediate answer as he first wanted to see what Captain Archer was going to do next.[1]

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