years: 2158 2159 2160 2161 2162 2163 2164

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2130s 2140s 2150s 2160s 2170s 2180s 2190s
centuries: 21st century - 22nd century - 23rd century


Promotions and transfersEdit

  • Jonathan Archer is promoted to the rank of Admiral in the Federation Starfleet, transferring to that organization's jurisdiction. [citation needed]
  • In 2161, Captain Stillwell offered then-Ensign Travis Mayweather a posting aboard his vessel following the decommissioning of Mayweather's previous ship, the NX class Enterprise (NX-01). Preferring to continue serving with Captain Jonathan Archer, his commanding officer from Enterprise, Mayweather did not give Stillwell an immediate answer as he first wanted to see what Captain Archer was going to do next. [1]

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Starfleet: Year One

Chapters 6-13
Star Trek 2161 novel StarfleetYearOne
Killing Time

Chapters 22 (sections 5-7) & 23
The Original Series 2161 novel KillingTime
The Romulan War

To Brave the Storm

Chapter 34, section 1
Enterprise 12 August 2161 novel Romulanwarbravestorm
Zero Hour

one scene
Enterprise 12 August 2161 episode ArticlesSigning
The Romulan War

To Brave the Storm

Chapter 34, section 2
Enterprise 12 August 2161 novel Romulanwarbravestorm
Section 31


Chapter 28
Deep Space Nine 12 August 2161 novel Section 31- Control Cover
Starfleet: Year One

Chapters 14-24
Star Trek 2161 novel StarfleetYearOne
Indistinguishable from Magic

Prologue, chapter 9
The Next Generation 2161 novel Indistinguishable From Magic

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