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Major Events

  • 2001: On September 11, a massive terrorist attack is launched against the United States of America, destroying the World Trade Center and seriously damaging the Pentagon in Washington, DC. Thousands of people die in the attacks, one of whom is a firefighter whose firefighter's axe will become a treasured family heirloom, eventually coming into the possession of Domenica Corsi.[1]
  • 2024: The Bell Riots take place in San Francisco in September of that year.[2]
  • 2026: World War III begins. In the ensuing conflict over 600 million people are killed, and large portions of Earth are devastated.[3]
  • 2053 : Third World War ends.
  • 2063: In April, Zefram Cochrane makes his first warp flight with assistance from the crew of the USS Enterprise-E, and despite Borg interference. A Vulcan ship passing through the solar system detected this warp flight, and decided to visit Earth - making first official contact with humanity.[3]

Notable Groups


Mirror Universe

  • 2063: In the mirror universe, the Vulcans also make first contact with humanity, however instead of extending the hand of friendship Zefram Cochrane responds by shooting the Vulcan Captain. The humans storm the Vulcan ship and take much of the Vulcan technology in the process.[5]

Events of unspecified date

  • Anton York is the 45th President of the United States of America.[6]
  • The bulk of the Kasheeta overcomes their aggressive tendencies.[7]
  • A tribble population is unleashed on Earth by Voula, a time-traveling 27th century Starfleet officer, whose timeship had a tribble infestation aboard. Voula wants to destroy the creatures with her phaser, but Commander Sean Christopher stopps her, and with the help of cadets at the newly-formed Starfleet Academy, safely gathered them into a storage container.[8]
  • The species known as the humpback whale becomes temporarily extinct at some point during this century on Earth.[9]
  • Earth's ozone layer deteriorates and the surface of the planet is flooded with ultraviolet radiation.[10]
  • A new age of medicine is heralded on Earth after Pyong Ko discovers the genetic sequence for inhibiting the growth of cancer cells.[11]
  • Ancestors of Gary Mitchell on his maternal side begin to develop an aptitude for extra-sensory perception.[12]
  • While jointly taking care for the Ocampa on their deserted homeworld in the Delta Quadrant, the Nacene Suspiria leaves her mate. She takes several hundred Ocampa with her, intending to develop their telepathic abilities to a greater extent than the male Caretaker was willing to do.[13]
  • Progeria is eradicated.[14]
  • The House of Mogh acquires a family bat'leth which will be passed down through ten generations.[15]
  • An ancestor of Talas is enlisted into the military.[16]
  • The Chrysalians enter into an era of peace which will last until at least 2366.[17]
  • Mizar II is conquered. Over the next three centuries, the planet will be conquered five more times.[18]
  • The gaseous-core fission reactor of a waste ship becomes inactive.[19]
  • On the Ullian homeworld, an individual is treated for telepathic memory invasion. Until 2368, this is the last time that someone received treatment for this form of rape.[20]
  • The Moneans discover and settle on an artificially coherent planetoid of water, which they termed the Waters.[21]
  • Upheavals in population lead many open North American lands to be reinhabited by Native Americans.[22]
  • Macedon III is settled by ethnic Earth colonists who land in sleeper ships and intermingle with the indigenous population of Thracians.[23]


Mid-21st century


  • Four short wars are fought between the forces of Earth and the Kzinti. Earth is victorious.[36]
  • The Loch Ness Monster's breeding grounds are discovered.[37]
  • HMS Clement, an old British Royal Navy nuclear submarine is trapped under an ice shelf and sinks after hitting a mine left over from "one of Earth's world wars."[38]
  • At some point, physician cease administering barium to patients with stomach troubles for the purpose of taking X-rays.[39]
  • Bajoran technicians construct a traditional solar sailing lightship. This particular vessel will one day be used by Bajoran poet Akorem Laan.[40]

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