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Decades: 2180s - 2190s - 2200s - 2210s - 2220s - 2230s - 2240s
(stardates from stardate 2210.0)
Centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century

The 2210s was, on Earth's calendar, the second decade of the 23rd century. Some stardate systems have delineated this era ranging from stardates 2210.0.[1]



Events of unspecified date

  • Mark Piper enters medical school.
  • A mining colony is established on the planet Janus VI, which soon becomes the Federation's key source of pergium and other rare ores. Unknown to the colonists, the planet is actually the homeworld of the Horta species.[2]
  • Theodore Haskins earns a full professorship in geology.[3]

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