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The timestream.
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centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


The ebook "The Future Begins" states that Risa was "allied" with the Federation as early as the late 22nd century.
  • First contact was made between the Federation and the Caitians.[2]
  • First contact occurs between the Federation and the Regulan people.[2]
  • Me Hani Ika Hali Ka Po builds a universal translator.[3]
  • Sylvia Tilly, at the age of sixteen, went through a "rebellious phase" in her life, and she was involved with hacking.[4]
  • James T. Kirk attempts to lead a group of friends on a trek from Iowa to Oregon and on to South America, but only got as far as the dynacarrier Christopher Cockerell before being detained by his father. Fearing that his son could be heading for a life of crime, George took emergency leave and they both boarded the USS Enterprise. En route, the Enterprise is diverted to Vega IX, but the Kirks boarded a liaison cutter to complete the journey. Shortly after, the cutter was hijacked by the pirate Rex Moss and the crew of the Shark. These events restored his respect for his father and Starfleet and he decided to join the Academy.[5]
  • Uhura is involved in a fire accident while she is studying at the Institute for Advanced Mathematics, Uhura is unable to save her roommate T'iana before succumbing to the effects of the heat and fire. For years afterwards, Uhura would have dreams about T'iana's death and Uhura's subsequent rescue by adults.[6]
  • War nearly broke out between the Federation and the Romulans when a Federation passenger vessel, Brass Ring, inadvertently entered the Neutral Zone. Fortunately, negotiations were able to proceed quickly and parts of the Treaty of Gamma Trianguli were redefined. This incident became known as the Brass Ring Incident to Starfleet Command.[7]
  • The Federation annexes a Human colony on Rigel IV to counteract Orion slave-trading.[8]
  • A shipment of dilithium from Delta Vega was due at Earth to supply the USS Enterprise when she was undergoing a refit. However, as the refit was nearing completion ahead of schedule, a supply of dilithium held at the Sloane Complex was used for the Enterprise instead.[9]
Nyota Uhura learns sign language from her deaf cousin, Epala, while visiting her in Koyo.[10]
A routine followup survey expedition to the Libros star system by the Enterprise discovered the Jatohr, who had enslaved the indigenous population of planet Libros III. A disastrous landing party expedition commanded by Una resulted in the entire party being sent into a parallel universe with little hope of rescue, although the Ptaen incursion was repulsed and the sluglike aliens likewise exiled back to their native reality. Una resolved to eventually rescue her comrades, despite potentially taking decades to do so.[11]

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image

Chapter 7
The Original Series 2249 novel Sarek proclaims Spock vrekasht for deciding to join Starfleet and Amanda leaves him Sarek novel.jpg
Star Trek

Chapter 3 (section 4-5)
The Original Series 2249 movie novelization Spock rejects an invitation to study at the Vulcan Science Academy, date derived from the Star Trek Chronology. Events takes place in an alternate reality. Star Trek film novel.jpg
A Choice of Catastrophes

Chapter 9 - "Nineteen Years Ago"
The Original Series 2249 novel A Choice of Catastrophes cover.jpg
Best Destiny

Chapters 2-5, 7-8, 10-15, 17-26, 28-31 & 37
The Original Series 2249 novel BestDestiny.jpg

Captain to Captain

Chapters 5-14
The Original Series October 2, 2249 novel Flashback-events of novel. Number One leads a landing party down to surface of planet Usilde, and party is exiled to a parallel universe. Captain to Cover cover.jpg