Decades: 2220s - 2230s - 2240s - 2250s - 2260s - 2270s - 2280s
(stardates 2250 to 2259; or from reference stardates circa 1/94 to 2/00)
Centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century

The 2250s was, on Earth's calendar, the sixth decade of the 23rd century. Some stardate systems simply have this decade fall from stardates 2250.0 to 2259.[1] The reference stardate system assigns stardates 1/94 to 2/00 in this decade.[2]


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Events taking place from reference stardates cannot always logically be corresponded to modern years or canon dates in most cases, so they are listed on separate pages, with the 2250s corresponding to certain dates circa 1/94 to 2/00.
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Gorkon, son of ToqAlohk IxanWarren QuinlandKristof BlaqueJublikS'rrelZheng

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