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(stardates unknown)

decades: 2220s 2230s 2240s 2250s 2260s 2270s 2280s
centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


Pike and April in Dock

Robert April walks Christopher Pike to the Enterprise

stardate 2251.0 
The Klingon Empire's F5-subclass frigate, an early variant of the QuD-class bird-of-prey, enters service.[5]

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image

The Ends of Eternity

Pages 1-7 & 22
The Original Series c. 2251 comic This story is set three years into Number One's posting on the Enterprise, which was described in "Shadows of the Past" as having begun five years after her first mission aboard the ship, as depicted in "Shakedown."

Given that "Shakedown" portrayed the shakedown cruise of the Enterprise, and this issue, eight years later, shows April still in command, it must be set near the end of April's captaincy, which concluded in 2251.
Crew 5A
Final Frontier

"Hope and a Common Future"
The Original Series 2251 novel FinalFrontier
Flesh of My Flesh

Early Voyages 2251 comic As the Ngultor probe Christopher Pike's mind, he recalls taking command of the Enterprise for the very first time. EV1
Starfleet Academy

Cadet Kirk
The Original Series February 2251 novel Takes place a month before James T. Kirk's 18th birthday. Cadet Kirk
All Those Years Ago...

The Original Series 2251 comic DC1 Annual 1
Garth of Izar

2251 sections
The Original Series 2251 novel The Battle of Axanar takes place. Garth of Izar
The Four Years War

The Planet Axanar
The Original Series 2251 (Reference stardate 1/94) role-playing game Chronicles the outbreak of hostilities between the UFP and the Klingon Empire, with attacks upon Archanis IV and Axanar. Starship USS Gulliver engages seven Klingon battlecruisers near the planet Axanar, and is destroyed. 4yrswarfc
The Children of Kings The Original Series 2251 novel Takes place three months into the Enterprise's five-year mission under Pike. Childrenofkings
My Brother's Keeper


Chapters 5-20
The Original Series 2251 novel Brothers keeper1

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