years: 2250 2251 2252 2253 2254 2255 2256

(stardates Unknown)

decades: 2220s 2230s 2240s 2250s 2260s 2270s 2280s
centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


Kelvin timelineEdit

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Births and DeathsEdit

Princess Kailyn is born on Shad to King Stevvin and Lady Meya. [5]

References and NotesEdit

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Flesh of My Flesh

2253 Flashback
Early Voyages 2253 comic As the Ngultor probe Christopher Pike's mind, he recalls recruiting Spock to join the crew of the Enterprise two years into his command. EV1
Vulcan's Glory The Original Series 2253 novel Set during Spock's first mission on the Enterprise. The Pocket Books Timeline places this story a year earlier in 2252; however, this does not mesh with Spock joining the Enterprise two years into Pike's command, as specified in "Flesh of My Flesh," so it is placed later here. VulcansGlory
Spock: Reflections

Spock: Reflections, Issue 2

Pages 10-17
The Original Series 2253 comic Takes place not long after Spock's arrival aboard the Enterprise (as per Vulcan's Glory), with Captain Pike and his crew still attempting to know him better as a person. Spock Reflections 2RI
Demand of Honor The Original Series 2253 role-playing game During the Four Years War, a Klingon fleet is defeated at Donovan's Star by Andorian admiral Thelenth, at the cost of his own flagship. Demand of Honor
Alien Spotlight

The Original Series 2253 comic Set very shortly after Spock transferred to the Enterprise under Pike Alien Spotlight Vulcans A
Shadows on the Sun

Book Two
The Original Series 2253 novel ShadowsSun
Boldly Go, Issue 11 The Original Series 2253 comic Flashback to 2253 Boldly Go 11


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