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The timestream.
years: 2251 2252 2253 2254 2255 2256 2257

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2220s 2230s 2240s 2250s 2260s 2270s 2280s
centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century


The USS Enterprise in the grasp of a Ngultor ship

Promotions and Transfers

Mia Colt arrives on the Enterprise

  • Mia Colt is transferred to the USS Enterprise.[16]
  • Claire Thorn leaves her life as a farmer on Prairie, and petitions to be allowed to re-enter service in Starfleet, following a Klingon attack on the agricultural world. Her bid to rejoin the fleet is supported by Christopher Pike.[7]

Births and Deaths

  • The entire crew of the USS Cortez save Captain John Stone is killed by a renegade group of Vulcans led by Tagok as they take control of the ship.[1]
  • Three crewpersons of the USS Enterprise are killed in the coup on Rigel VII, including Dermot Cusack, who is killed by the Rigellian Talza.[4]
  • Kingcome and Shinobi of the USS Enterprise are killed by violent Vulcans on Darien 224.[1]
  • Five of the crew of USS Enterprise are killed when the ship is attacked and boarded by renegades from the Vulcan-controlled USS Cortez.[1]
  • Tagok, T'Sil and other rebel Vulcans on the USS Cortez are killed by the hand of the Vorl-tak; the weapon destabilizes its host-planet, killing T'Kell, Sutek, and all the Vulcans of Darien 224.[1]
  • Kolj, an officer on the IKS Varchas, is killed by the commander, Kaaj, when his crewmate Virka lays blame on him for losing their commander's prey.[7]
  • A Klingon assault team hunting for Christopher Pike on Prairie, led by Toth, are killed when Toth's commander, Kaaj, uses Toth's comm-signal as a weapons-lock to try and kill Pike, who was nearby, from the IKS Varchas in orbit.[7]



Notable people


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Flesh of My Flesh Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 2252.34
comic EV1.jpg
The Fires of Pharos Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 2378.1
comic The Enterprise visits the Marrat system, which it was delayed from reaching in "Flesh of my Flesh." EV2.jpg
Our Dearest Blood Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 2385.7 - 2385.8
comic Depicts the incident on Rigel VII mentioned in and immediately preceding "The Cage." EV3.jpg
Nor Iron Bars a Cage Early Voyages 2254 comic The events of "The Cage" from Yeoman Colt's point of view.
Flashbacks to just before "The Cage."
The Cage The Original Series 2254 episode Talosians.jpg
The Menagerie

Historical records
The Original Series 2254 episode Depicts scenes from "The Cage" as historical records. Captain Pike2267.jpg
Burning Dreams

Chapters 7 & 15
The Original Series 2254 novel BurningDreams.jpg
The Rift

Chapters 1-7
The Original Series 2254 novel Rift.jpg
Burning Dreams

Chapters 10 & 15
The Original Series 2254 novel BurningDreams.jpg
Captain's Log

Captain's Log: Pike

2254 section
The Original Series 2254 comic Story takes place in the aftermath of "The Cage," therefore likewise following the encounter with the Calligar immediately following that episode. Captains Log Pike Woodward.jpg
Seasons of Light and Darkness

2254 section
The Original Series 20 April-17 November 2254 eBook Seasons light.jpg
Enterprise Logs

Conflicting Natures
The Original Series 2254 short story Enterprise Logs.jpg
Cloak & Dagger Early Voyages 2254
Stardate c. 2396.6
comic EV5.jpg
Cloak and Dagger, Part 2 of 2 Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 2396.6
comic EV6.jpg
The Flat, Gold Forever Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 259.9
comic Takes place a week after "Cloak and Dagger," with the Enterprise undergoing repairs following the events of that story. EV7.jpg
Immortal Wounds Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 360.3 - 360.5
comic EV8.jpg
One of a Kind Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 361.6
comic EV9.jpg
The Fallen Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 371.2 - 371.6
comic EV10.jpg
Futures, Part One Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 389.4
comic The Enterprise in Spacedock following the events of "The Fallen." EV12.jpg
Now and Then

Final scene
Early Voyages 2254
Stardate c. 389.4
comic Yeoman Colt reappears from the future, shortly after disappearing in "Futures." EV15.jpg
Thanatos Early Voyages 2254
Stardate 390.5
comic Captain Pike conducts his mission on Temazi, as established in "Futures." EV16.jpg
Nemesis Early Voyages 2254
Stardate c. 390.5
comic Continuation of the mission to Temazi in "Thantos." EV17.jpg
The Captain's Table

Where Sea Meets Sky

Chapters 2-30
The Original Series 2254 novel Where Sea Meets Sky.jpg
A Choice of Catastrophes

Chapter 10 - "Fourteen Years Ago"
The Original Series 2254 novel A Choice of Catastrophes cover.jpg
To Walk the Night The Original Series 2254 comic To walk the night.jpg
The Better Man

Chapters 3-7, 13 & 15
The Original Series 2254 novel BetterMan.jpg
Strange New Worlds VII

A Test of Character
The Original Series 2254 short story Strange new worlds 7.jpg
The Kobayashi Maru The Original Series December 2254 novel Maru.jpg

2254 flashback
The Original Series 2254 comic Depicts James T. Kirk's third attempt to pass the Kobayashi Maru test. DC2 73.jpg

Images from 2254


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