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(stardates from 2275.0)

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centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century

2275 was, on Earth's calendar, the 76th year of the 23rd century, and the sixth year of the 2270s decade. This era begins with stardate 2275.0.

Stardates from publications taking place in the year generally are formed as numbers between 7400 and 7600, but are definitely not sequential. The Spaceflight Chronology/FASA reference stardate system put this era in the 2210s range. Numerous exceptions in both systems which makes all of these figures estimations.




Notable people

other notable people
Robert CecilChaikenChristopher DaileyDavidson (USS Enterprise)Roberta GendronGran (Trill)Lynn HarrimanMarlena Moreau (mirror)Lindsey PurvianceTafv tr'RllaillieuShandakenSpock (mirror)David SteinDennis SweeneyTateJohn Taylor


References and notes


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Department of Temporal Investigations

Forgotten History

Chapters 13-16, Epilogue
Star Trek March 2275
Stardate 7675.1 - 7695.0
novel Forgotten History cover.jpg
To Reign in Hell: The Exile of Khan Noonien Singh

Chapter 22
The Original Series 2275 novel Khan3.jpg
The Wounded Sky The Original Series 2275
Stardate 9250.0
novel WoundedSky.jpg

My Enemy, My Ally
The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7504.6
novel Corrected stardate placing this novel following the events of Star Trek: The Motion Picture was established in the continuity-revised Rihannsu: The Bloodwing Voyages omnibus collection, published in 2006. EnemyAlly.jpg
Doctor's Orders The Original Series 2275 novel DoctorsOrders.jpg
Spock's World

Prologue, Enterprise: One-Eight, & Epilogue
The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7412.1 - 7468.5
novel SpocksWorld.jpg
Mirror Universe

The Sorrows of Empire

Chapters 18-19
The Original Series 2275 novel Takes place entirely within the Mirror Universe. The Sorrows of Empire cover.jpg
Wildstorm Special

The Legacy of Eleanor Dain

2275 flashback
The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7521.5
comic Star Trek Special.jpg
The Better Man The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7591.4 - 7598.5
novel BetterMan.jpg
The Kobayashi Alternative The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7607.23
video game Takes place approximately around the same time period as Spock's World and the Rihannsu novels. Kobyashi Alternative.jpg
Untold Voyages

"Past Imperfect"
The Original Series 2275
Stardate 7683.1
comic UV3 comic.jpg

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