Decades: 2260s - 2270s - 2280s - 2290s - 2300s - 2310s - 2320s
(stardates 2290 to 2299; or from ~8600.0/9000.0;
reference stardates ~2/27 to ~2/37)
Centuries: 22nd century - 23rd century - 24th century

The 2290s was, on Earth's calendar, the tenth and final decade of the 23rd century. Some stardate systems have delineated this era beginning with stardates of approximately 8600.0 or 9000.0.[1][2] Another stardate system simply has this decade fall from stardates 2290 to 2299.[3] The reference stardate system assigns approximate stardates ranging from 2/27 to 2/37 for this decade.[4]


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