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The timestream.
years: 2317 2318 2319 2320 2321 2322 2323

(stardates unknown)

decades: 2290s 2300s 2310s 2320s 2330s 2340s 2350s
centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century


  • The USS Enterprise finally returns to the Prime Universe via the "Odyssey" star, after some eleven months of transit-time from a parallel dimension.[1]
  • A shipbuilding program in the Rigel Colonies replaces their entire fleet of commercial courier ships with state-of-the-art vessels over the next few years. This will cause a small diplomatic crisis in sixty years when these same vessels all require expensive upgrades at the same time. [2]
  • The Tsorans re-establish diplomatic relations with the Fandre. [3]
  • Spock is (for a second time) summoned to Talos IV on behalf of Christopher Pike. [4]

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Lost Era

One Constant Star

Illiad, Chapters 12-13
The Lost Era 2320 novel One Constant Star cover.jpg
Burning Dreams

Prologue, Chapters 10, 19 & Epilogue
The Original Series 2320 novel BurningDreams.jpg

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