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The timestream.
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(stardates from 2380.0[1], or 57000 to 57999[2])

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centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century

2380 was, on Earth's calendar, the 81st year of the 24th century, and the first year of the 2380s decade. Besides this time period's Human dates, in some systems of stardates this era begin with stardate 2380.0[1], or 57000 to 57999[2] in others.




  • Klingon and Romulan forces continually come to blows as Klingon ships patrol much of the Romulan Star Empire.[4]
  • Borg supercube crisis: A group of Borg cut off from the Collective after Voyager's collapse of the Borg transwarp network creates a massive cube with the aim of destroying Earth. The USS Enterprise-E is eventually able to disable the cube by killing the new Borg Queen [6]. Some time later the inactive cube adapts, and assimilates the visiting Admiral Kathryn Janeway, making her its new Queen. The cube's adaptations include a new form of assimilation dubbed absorption and strikes out at the Federation, causing massive casualties in the Slaughter of Sector 108. Nearing its target, Earth, the then massive cube is eventually stopped with a successful deployment of the Endgame virus.[7]
stardate 57898.0
The Einstein, a ship that was assimilated by the Borg under Queen Janeway's command, is finally destroyed by the crew of the Enterprise-E, using a multivector agent.[5]

Political offices[]

Federation politics[]

Romulan politics[]

  • Romulan militant group the Empty Crown attempts to coup the government, but is stopped by the intervention of the Hazard Team and the Enterprise-E.[8]
  • Stardate 57023.3: Tal'Aura consolidates her hold on the praetorship, and by the end of the year is opposed only by Imperial Fleet Commander Donatra, whose fleet seizes control of several farming worlds.[4]
  • Donatra declares the existence of the Imperial Romulan State with herself as Empress [4]

Other events[]

Starfleet operations[]

USS Titan[]

Promotions and transfers[]

Astronomical events[]

  • The Neyel Homeworld is destroyed.[3]
  • The recently re-classified planet Pluto and its moons are destroyed when they are "absorbed" by a Borg cube.[7]

Alternate timelines[]

  • In an alternate timeline in which the USS Voyager crashes following the unsuccessful deployment of quantum slipstream drive in 2375, Starfleet officially abandons the search for the lost starship.[14]


Births and deaths[]

Admiral Kathryn Janeway is among many casualties of a Borg assault on the Federation.[7][16]


stardate 57312
Tom Paris sees B'Elanna Torres for the last time for over one year, after she has finished constructing unregistered vessel 47658 (aka Home Free), which will be her hiding place for the foreseeable future[16]

Notable people[]


References and notes[]


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Chapters 23–24
Titan 2380
Stardate 57020.5–57023.3
novel TakingWing
The Red King

Chapters 1–3, 5–22 & Coda
Titan 2380
Stardate 57024.0–57080.6
novel The Red King book cover
Elite Force II The Next Generation 2380 video game Elite Force 2 cover
Articles of the Federation

Chapters 1–6
Star Trek January 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Prophecy and Change

The Calling
Deep Space Nine 2380 short story ProphecyandChange
Orion's Hounds Titan 2380
Stardate 57137.8–57223.6
novel Orions hounds
Articles of the Federation

Chapters 7–12
Star Trek March 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Strange New Worlds 2016

The Dreamer and the Dream

2380 Sections
Deep Space Nine 2380 Short story SNW2016
Resistance The Next Generation April 2380 novel Takes place several months after Nemesis and Death in Winter[1] Resistance
Full Circle

Chapter 26 (section 2 & 3)
Voyager 24 April 2380
Stardate 57312
novel Shortly after the events of Resistance Full Circle

Missions 13–15
Star Trek 2380
Stardate 57327.8 – 57332.5
video game Legacy cover
Articles of the Federation

Chapters 13–16
Star Trek May 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Q & A The Next Generation May 2380 novel Takes place a reasonably short time after the events of Resistance[2] Q&A
Articles of the Federation

Chapter 17
Star Trek May 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Second Contact Lower Decks 2380
Stardate 57436.2
episode LDtitle
Before Dishonor

Chapters 1–47
The Next Generation early June 2380 novel Takes place some time after Resistance and Q & A. Placement in approximately June is based on references in the May section of Articles of the Federation to a preceding four year period of peace-time, which the major Borg incursion featured in this novel would seem to preclude.[3] Before Dishonor
Full Circle

Prologue & Chapter 19 (section 1–6)
Voyager June 2380 novel The prologue takes place days after the Borg incident in Before Dishonor and chapter 19 takes place at the memorial for Kathryn Janeway which was also depicted in chapter 48 of Before Dishonor. Full Circle
Before Dishonor

Chapters 48
The Next Generation early June 2380 Before Dishonor
The Eternal Tide

Chapter 8, Section 3; Chapter 11
Voyager June 2380 novel 292px-The Eternal Tide cover
Before Dishonor

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Stardate 57465.6–57503.1
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episode LDtitle
Moist Vessel Lower Decks 2380
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Full Circle

Chapters 19 (sections 8–9) & 23
Voyager August 2380
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novel Set three months after Orion's Hounds Titan4 l
Articles of the Federation

Chapters 18–21
Star Trek August 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Cupid's Errant Arrow Lower Decks 2380
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episode LDtitle
Terminal Provocations Lower Decks 2380
Stardate 57663.9
episode LDtitle
Greater Than the Sum

Chapters 1–2
The Next Generation September 2380 novel Begins three months after Before Dishonor[4] Greater Than the Sum
Seven Deadly Sins

Star Trek 2380 novella Set concurrently with the Enterprise-E's encounter with the Einstein. Seven Deadly Sins
Articles of the Federation

Chapters 22–24
Star Trek October 2380 novel Articles of the federation
Greater Than the Sum

Chapters 3–11
The Next Generation OctoberNovember 2380 novel Greater Than the Sum
Cold Equations

The Persistence of Memory

Chapter 20
The Next Generation November 2380 novel Persistence large
Much Ado About Boimler Lower Decks 2380
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Veritas Lower Decks 2380
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Crisis Point Lower Decks 2380 episode LDtitle
No Small Parts Lower Decks 2380
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Articles of the Federation

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Greater Than the Sum

Chapter 12
The Next Generation 25 December, 2380 novel Greater Than the Sum
Strange Energies Lower Decks 2380
Stardate 57995.8
episode LDtitle

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