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years: 2382 2383 2384 2385 2386 2387 2388

(stardates 62000 to 62999, or from 2385.0)

decades: 2350s 2360s 2370s 2380s 2390s 2400s 2410s
centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century

2385 was, on Earth's calendar, the 86th year of the 24th century, and the sixth year of the 2380s decade. Besides this time period's Human dates, in stardates this era begin with stardate 2385.0[1] in some systems of dating, and runs from stardate 62000.0 to 62999 in others.[2]


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Miguel AguilarAshurAthusBaras RodiryaRakena GaranI'JavI'KalIoileKhobJan KincadeOne-OneBruce PrestridgeZero-ZeroShiana


References and notes

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Images from 2385


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Strange New Worlds 8

A & Ω
The Next Generation 2385 short story Strange New Worlds 8 cover
The Fall

A Ceremony of Losses

Deep Space Nine March 2385 novel A Ceremony of Losses
Time Lock

Chapter VI & epilogue
Department of Temporal Investigations 28 March 2385 eBook novella Time Lock
Absolute Candor

Picard 5 April 2385 episode
Children of Mars Star Trek 5 April 2385 episode
Maps and Legends

Picard 5 April 2385 episode
The End is the Beginning

Picard 5 April 2385 episode
The Fall

Revelation and Dust
Deep Space Nine 22 August - 1 September 2385 novel Revelation and Dust solicitation cover
The Fall

The Crimson Shadow
The Next Generation 24 August - 4 September 2385 novel Crimson Shadow
The Fall

A Ceremony of Losses

main story
Deep Space Nine 31 August - 19 September 2385 novel A Ceremony of Losses
The Fall

The Poisoned Chalice
Titan 20 September - 12 October 2385 novel The Poisoned Chalice
The Fall

Peaceable Kingdoms
The Next Generation 13-27 October, 1 November 2385 novel Peaceable Kingdoms
Force and Motion

chapter 19
Deep Space Nine November 2385 novel Force and Motion
The Light Fantastic The Next Generation November 2385 novel TNG-The Light Fantastic
The Missing Deep Space Nine late-November 2385 novel DS9 The Missing
Takedown The Next Generation late-November 2385 novel Takedown
Force and Motion

chapter 14
Deep Space Nine December 2385 novel Force and Motion
Rules of Accusation Deep Space Nine December 2385 eBook novella Rules of Accusation
Sacraments of Fire

II: Fire
Deep Space Nine December 2385 novel Sacraments of Fire

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