The 2385 Special Federation Presidential Election was triggered by the assassination of President Nanietta Bacco during the Dedication Ceremony on Deep Space 9 (II) in 2385.

Ishan Anjar was named President Pro Tem for 60 days and was the most distinguished of the candidates. He had a hawkish foreign policy towards the Typhon Pact and consistently demonstrated a belligerent attitude towards any possible threat to the Federation's security. His attitude won him few supporters among Starfleet who felt him to be petty and vindictive, willing to allow personal ambition take precedence over the lives of an entire species.

Following the downfall of the conservative government led by Presider Ledayni ch'Foruta in a vote of no confidence, the rise of a new progressive coalition led by Unity Caucus Presider Solloven zh'Felleth, and the repeal of the Andorian Secession Act of 2382 with an application of readmission, Progressive Party leader Kellessar zh'Tarash announced her intention to run for President of the United Federation of Planets. (ST - The Fall novel: Revelation and Dust)

Once the Andorian Empire rejoined the Federation, Kellessar zh'Tarash formally announced her candidacy for President. She proved to be a very popular candidate, and in polling was only nine percentage points behind Ishan.

Even so, as late as October 2385 it looked nearly certain that Ishan would win the election. However evidence was soon discovered that the real Ishan Anjar had been dead for well over a decade, and that the man claiming to be Ishan Anjar was in fact a former collaborator named Baras Rodirya. Baras was arrested by the Attorney General of the United Federation of Planets in front of the Federation Council and removed from office.

Following the arrest of Baras the other candidates attempted to capitalize on his departure from the race, however at this point the popularity of zh'Tarash proved too much for the other candidates to overcome, and she was soon elected President. (ST - The Fall novel: Peaceable Kingdoms)

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