Decades: 2360s - 2370s - 2380s - 2390s - 2400s - 2410s - 2420s
(stardates 2390.0 to 2399; or 67000.0 to 76999)
Centuries: 23rd century - 24th century - 25th century

The 2390s was, on Earth's calendar, the tenth decade of the 24th century. Some stardate systems have delineated this era ranging from stardates 67000.0 to 76999.[1] Another stardate system simply has this decade fall from stardates 2390.0 to 2399.[2]


Alternate realities and timelines


Notable people

additional notable people
ChakotayPierce (Rovan IV)


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Title Series Date Media Notes Image

Voyager 2390 episode Timeless
Strange New Worlds 9

Staying the Course
The Original Series 2395 short story Snw9
All Good Things...

Future timeline sections
The Next Generation 2395 episode novelization AGT
Forbidden Fruit

Alternate future
The Next Generation 2395
Stardate 72781.6
comic Forbidden Fruit
Forbidden Fruit

Alternate future
The Next Generation 2396
Stardate 73151.3
comic Forbidden Fruit

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