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This article is about the Game Boy game. You may be looking for the PC game, 25th Anniversary or the Nintendo Entertainment System game 25th Anniversary.



James T. KirkLeonard McCoyMcQuilkinMontgomery ScottSpockmugatospace amoeba

Starships and vehicles[]

USS Enterprise (Constitution-class) • D7-classDoomsday machineRomulan bird-of-preyTholian drone
Referenced only 
USS Excalibur

Races and cultures[]



KalandaM24 AlphaNeuralPallas XITriskelionZeta Bootis
Referenced only 
Algol VIArgo (planet)Omicron Ceti ISector Alpha 9Starfleet Base 4Talos IITalos VII

States and organizations[]

FederationKlingon Empire

Other references[]

Anophena oothecaearcacian bramblesargan death oilberthold radiationbinoxychloric acidEuphea nedexF. nadiniciaforce fieldkangor pitmalamue mossmedkitmeson field transducerprotomatter fusion disruptorTriskelian telepod console



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