• 2510: According to the mirror universe Spock's estimates, the supposed uprising and Halkan revolt would compromise the security of the Terran Empire from within, even as it wages a war against multiple external threats. The ensuing collapse would most probably destroy millennia of accumulated knowledge, triggering an interstellar dark age without precedent in the history of local space.


The unproduced animated series entitled Star Trek: Final Frontier was to take place in the early 26th century. The show's backstory has Starfleet losing its way and becoming a xenophobic organization which focuses on protecting its borders rather than exploring the unknown and helping those in need. This is due to a horrific attack which devastated subspace, leaving huge regions in which Warp drive doesn't function. For more info on the series, see its website.


Title Series Date Media Notes Image
Strange New Worlds VI

One Last Adventure

Section 1
The Original Series c.2500 short story Strange new worlds 6
Azati Prime

Enterprise unspecified episode Daniels brings Jonathan Archer to the future to witness the Battle of Procyon V. Azati Prime
Tales of the Dominion War

Stone Cold Truths

Sections 1 & 3
New Frontier 2525 short story 150 Years after the Dominion War. Tales of the Dominion War
Strange New Worlds 9

Gone Native
The Original Series c.2569 short story Snw9


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