Vulcan and Vulcan system

The Vulcan surface, and Vulcan system.

40 Eridani is a trinary star system comprised of a giant primary star, 40 Eridani A, and two other stars. The other two stars in the system are a red dwarf and a white dwarf, 40 Eridani B and 40 Eridani C. The stars of the 40 Eridani group support the Vulcan system, the home system of the Vulcan race and their homeworld of Vulcan. It is visible from Earth in the constellation of Eridanus located approximately 16.45 light-years distant. (ST reference: Star Fleet Technical Manual; DS9 novel: Field Trip; ENT episodes: "Home", "Daedalus")

The Starfleet Technical Manual, a licensed work, established the location of Vulcan at 40 Eridani, a real star system that modern astronomers have observed. While the 1973 Technical Manual reference was the earliest description of this system's inhabitation, the system location was not established in canon until episodes of Enterprise described the world as being 16 light years from Earth, the real-life measurement of 40 Eridani's distance. The ST reference: Spaceflight Chronology is one source that differed with canon, listing the Vulcan system as orbiting Epsilon Eridani, a system that is not 16 ly away. Likewise, the Star Trek Online website's defunct Points of Interest section stated that Vulcan is located in the Sirius system, a star 8.6 LY from Sol (though the game itself gives the 40 Eri location in the Vulcan system's tooltip).

According to Starfleet Intelligence outpost maps, this system's coordinates are 0.09N 2.31W, placing it in the Starfleet Intelligence sector 4. (FASA RPG module: Star Fleet Intelligence Manual)

In 2370, Keiko O'Brien showed her students 40 Eridani on a star chart that also displayed Sol and Deep Space 9. (DS9 novel: Field Trip)




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  • The Worlds of the Federation omits mention of the second and third star amd additional planets outside of the asteroid belt. The film Star Trek also established another planet called Delta Vega, which orbited close enough to Vulcan that it could be seen clearly from Delta Vega's surface. According to the novelization of that film, a planet named T'Khul is "the Vulcan system's third world."

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