4408 Trianguli (4408 A/B Trianguli) is a star system, a binary star located in the space of the galaxy's Alpha Quadrant.

The star's name has the notation of a Flamsteed designated star, with a numeral and the constellation's genitive name. However, no stars with this high a numeral have been so named in "real life".


This binary consists of two stars, in the space visible from Earth in the constellation of Triangulum. This system had six planets, one of which was Iruh, homeworld of the Iruhe. This system was a stop in the Sundering. The starships Corona and T'Hie were lost here. (TOS - Rihannsu novel: The Romulan Way)

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  • 4408 Trianguli A and 4408 Trianguli B
    • 4408 Trianguli I
    • 4408 Trianguli II
    • 4408 Trianguli III
    • 4408 Trianguli IV
    • 4408 Trianguli V
    • 4408 Trianguli VI


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