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Debrune (Admiral)HypatiaLhaiSurak (mirror)S'vecT'KlassT'SariVegetiusXi'rev

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  1. TNG comic: "Captain's Pleasure" - The comic states the characters would be the first to see the Rajathan ruins in "over two millenia" prior to the year 2368, so the Rajathan civilization died out or moved on sometime before this century.
  2. DS9 comic: "Dax's Comet, Part 1".
  3. ST website:
  4. ST reference: Star Charts.

Stories[edit | edit source]

Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Lost Years

The Original Series 300 AD novel Vulcan Old Date 140005 LostYears.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


Chapters 21, 23 & 25
The Original Series 300 AD novel Exodus.jpg

The Romulan Way

Chapter 6
The Original Series 300 AD novel Romulan Way.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


The Original Series 326 AD novel Exiles2006.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


Chapter 2
The Original Series 380 AD novel Exodus.jpg

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