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The Time of Awakening occurs. Surak of Vulcan leads his people onto a path of peace and logic.


According to one account the Vulcans discover warp drive.[3]

c. 370s

The coming of Dax's comet causes a catastrophic downward population shift on Bajor that lasts for decades afterwards.[4]


The Dominion is founded as the founders establish an Omarion Nebula-based homeworld.[5]


Honorius is born in the Roman Empire on Earth.[6]


Notable people[]

Other notable people
Debrune (Admiral)HonoriusHypatiaLhaiSurak (mirror)S'vecT'KlassT'SariVegetiusXi'rev


References and notes[]

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Title Series Date Media Notes Image
The Lost Years

The Original Series 300 AD novel Vulcan Old Date 140005 LostYears.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


Chapters 21, 23 & 25
The Original Series 300 AD novel Exodus.jpg

The Romulan Way

Chapter 6
The Original Series 300 AD novel Romulan Way.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


The Original Series 326 AD novel Exiles2006.jpg
Vulcan's Soul


Chapter 2
The Original Series 380 AD novel Exodus.jpg

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