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83 Leonis A is a K class orange subgiant and the primary star of the Cheron system, located about 58 light-years from Earth and the Sol system, formerly under Romulan control until 2160 where it later was placed on the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone. It lays about 80 billion kilometers from its B sibling, or more than 500 times the average distance between Earth and Sol. 83 Leonis A also has more of a planetary brood than its counterpart, having started off with more mass, and therefore was hotter. As a consequence, A had already exhausted its supply of hydrogen fuel, limiting its internal nuclear fusion processes to helium and heavier elements, therefore actively transitioning into a bloated red giant. This would be unfortunate for any humanoid-type life-forms that might have arisen in the A system.



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