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In the mirror universe, A. G. Robinson was a high-ranking officer of the Imperial Starfleet of the Terran Empire during the mid 22nd century.

In 2147, he was executive officer of the ISS Invincible. Prior to the launch of the ISS Enterprise, Robinson was considered the most likely candidate to take command of the vessel. This attracted Lieutenant Hoshi Sato to Robinson. However, when Maximilian Forrest took command of the Enterprise instead, Sato ended her relationship with Robinson.

By January 2155, Robinson had risen to the rank of Fleet Captain, and was commanding officer of the ISS Imperator. As such, he led the fleet sent to repel the attack on Starfleet by the USS Defiant, commanded by Sato, who had proclaimed herself Empress of the Terran Empire. After crippling the Imperator and the rest of his fleet, Sato offered Robinson the rank of Fleet Admiral and the position of Starfleet chief of staff, an offer which he accepted.

Within the first six months of his tenure, Sato had become frustrated by Robinson's willingness to wait for a rebel attack, rather than taking a more proactive approach. He was replaced by Andorian Imperial Guard General Thy'lek Shran.

Following his demotion, Robinson made it known that he wanted command of the Defiant, and was suspected of conspiring with former Invincible crewmate Sergeant Haffley to kill Captain Travis Mayweather. (ENT - Mirror Universe novel: Age of the Empress)

In 2157, Empress Sato had Captain Mayweather executed for his failure to capture Jonathan Archer and defeat the rebels. Robinson succeeded him as captain of the Defiant. (ENT - Mirror Universe short story: "Nobunaga")

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