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The AFS Khitomer (CSN-01) was a Khitomer Alliance starship, the Khitomer-class battlecruiser prototype in Allied Fleet Service operation in the 2410s decade. (STO website: Command the First Federation/Klingon Ship!)

History and specificationsEdit

On stardate 87971.0, the Alpha Quadrant Alliance renamed itself to Khitomer Alliance and announced the creation of a new, joint military service pooled from Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Republic Navy sources. This service would include the launch of new starships.

The first ship developed under the new aegis was named Khitomer Alliance Battlecruiser [T6]. The AFS Khitomer was scheduled to launch in 2411. (STO website: The Khitomer Alliance Launches New Joint Service) The Khitomer launched already in 2410. Primarily, the vessel combined a Starfleet-style saucer section with a Klingon battlecruiser engineering hull. (STO website: Command the First Federation/Klingon Ship!)



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